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Go Green And Opt For Bio-degradable Fabric Print

Posted by Ross Henry on


Biodegradable Fabrics

What is Bio-degradable?

Not all fabrics are safely biodegradable as they are made with artificial and chemical components that do not get broken down by microorganisms easily. The term ‘biodegradable’ refers to the ability of a substance to decompose naturally via living organisms.


‘Biodegradable’ is a term that is often used when talking about the textile industry from an environmentally conscious angle. If you want to make environmentally conscious fabric.

it’s worth knowing the importance of using biodegradable fabrics, the impact they have and why they’re a greener choice.


Use Natural Fabrics

One can also find Bio-based fabrics that may have been produced from naturally grown fibers, such as cotton. But they are manufactured by blending synthetic fibers. These are not bio-degradable as they take years to decompose due to the complex bonds of polymers inside synthetic fabrics, causing them to emit greenhouse gases such as methane into the environment.


Eco-Friendly Printing

To minimize the impact on our environment, eco-friendly printing involves the application of green innovations in the three main elements of the printing process – the printing technology, the ink, and the print materials.

By saving the planet, these green technologies help reduce pollution, waste, and energy consumption during production.

We, at backdropsource have come up with fast and efficient printing methods that consume less energy and resources and produce less waste.

Petroleum or plastic or petroleum based inks contain harmful compounds and chemicals that harm the environment. Eco- friendly printing has found a nonpolluting alternative in eco-inks that use organic ingredients like soy or vegetable in their production.

These eco-inks are perfect alternative that replicates the effects of petroleum-based inks which are non-toxic and does no harm to the environment. It is also argued that it produces brighter and more vibrant colors.

Print materials and the products used in eco-friendly printing come from recycled or other sustainable materials that are 100% biodegradable or recyclable. The materials use little to no chemicals in its processing.


Backdropsource offers 100% PVC free biodegradable fabric banners in its selection of environmentally friendly products. These banners come from polypropylene, a recyclable thermoplastic polymer that has high heat resistance.

Eco-friendly printing is an excellent way to start, whether you are an individual or a business, eco-printing is a step in the right direction to sustainability.

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