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Photography Mini Boom Kit Equipment

Kit Mini boom features a leveling leg for rough or uneven terrain. An empty sandbag counterweight is provided and strongly recommended (filled) when using the stand in boom mode.Most popular solid colour backdrops are White photo backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.    Mini boom kit is designed for both studio and location shoots. Ideal for positioning lights at any angle with minimum effort.The boom kit has threaded tips which are suited to all major brands of lighting and softboxes . The reflectors is made of heavy-grade brushed aluminum, and the socket features a wooden control...

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1000W Quartz Tungsten Video Photography Adjustable Power Studio Light Equipment

Kit 1000W Quartz Tungsten Video Photography Adjustable Power Studio Light Equipment a.k.a QL1000 is designed to shoot professional quality videos. The QL1000 light delivers totally variable continuous light with 100% accurate color rendition throughout the full output spectrum. This light is recommended for video photography, TV documentaries, news live interviews, film production etc. It has application for indoor video productions, digital studios, chroma key studios. The QL1000 has accessory options of softbox, umbrella to get shadow less light that will wrap around the subject. Step-less power adjuster and tilt head to suit required angle of use. It is auto cooled by a built...

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Photography Support System For 3 Backgrounds

Returns Backdrop stand is made of aluminium and designed to support paper, cloth and vinyl backdrops. This support system is suitable for home , professional studios and traveling/mobile photographers. Adjustable width and Height . Supports three backdrops simultaneously. Packed in a portable studio bag Width: 3m (10 ft) max.  Height: 2.7m (9 ft) max. Adjustable: Yes (Minimum height: 1 ft) To refer our return policy click here.

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10ft Wide x 9ft Tall Photography Studio Backdrop Stand

Return Package Includes 4 x crossbars 2 x Tripods 1 x Carry bag 10 ft x 9 ft Tall Photography Studio Backdrop Stand is a heavy duty aluminum metal sturdy stand with usage in studio, outdoors for wedding photography, creating YouTube videos, documentary films, news interview sessions, still photo shots, motion films etc. It supports heavy canvas muslin backdrops, vinyl backgrounds, paper backdrops, chroma screens with ease. It is easy to dismantle and assemble for quick pack ups and is shipped compact with a carry bag for portability and mobility. Coated aluminium structure Maximum Width: 3m (10 ft) Minimum Width: 1.5m...

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