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Measure your wall, pick a photo and we'll do the rest!

Your living and workspaces are the physical embodiment of all your hopes,dreams and emotions.You spend time in these spaces creating,working and living life to the fullest! It is no surprise then,that you wish them to be the most comfortable and beautiful looking places.We can help you decorate your new space or refurbish it with our range of custom wallpaper.

For more information on customized wallpapers please

call us on +1-650-614-1888 or e-mail to sales@backdropsource.com

Used Mainly at

Lobbies and Conference Rooms
Hotels and Restaurants
Home Decor
Retail and Commercial Space


How printing of custom wallpaper works?

Wall murals will come to you in roughly 48" wide panels with each overlapping the next by an inch. Cut through both layers in the overlap, remove the excess, and you get a butt joint that is just about invisible. The material is not pre-pasted.

You want a good quality high resolution digital photo or digital art to be printed into a backdrop. If you have the file you can place the order online by uploading the artwork at the Selected Fabric Product Page or else email us the file to sales@backdropsource.com to place the order.

If you are searching for the right photo,there are several stock photo sites online, we like Shutterstock and Depositphotos.When buying a digital photo,buy the highest resolution available.The good news is that most digital photos will work for backdrops.We can also drop type and logos into your photo and if any editing is required can be done by our team.

Send us your photo,and the dimensions of the backdrop/banner and we'll let you know if there are any problems making the photo as large as you need.Most online photo sites are keyword searchable, so you don't need to dig through thousands of photos. Shutterstock and Depositphotos are of excellent quality, and are affordable. Give us the photo number, we'll download it.The entire process take about two weeks. If you are in a hurry, we'll find a way to meet your needs. Call us to get started!

Sticks smooth & removes clean

Interior safe adhesive.Guaranteed
to remove clean
for 7 years

Green Guard Certified Inks

Non-toxic.No VOCs.No PVC,
Safe for use in home,
hospital and schools

Best Price Guaranteed

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match it up to 14 days after

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