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1000W LED Photography Portable Studio and Video Daylight Panel

SKU : LED-LL-33-000
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1000W  LED Photography Portable Studio and Video Daylight Panel has 1ft x1ft panel has 336 high-power LEDs. The panel is light weight, durable, and is a perfect unit for photographers and videographers shooting both in the studio and on location. When in the studio, you can power the unit via the included AC Power Adapter. 

This is a stunning photography LED light suitable for all professional photographers. The illumination distance of this ultra bright LED is more than 25 feet and is perfect for long distance shooting. This has got an in built mechanism to control the color temperature of 5500K . This light has an equivalent output of 1000 watts of incandescent light.

LED matrix 36 x 48 = 1728 LEDs

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