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Ceramic Wrinkle-Resistant Background
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Ceramic Wrinkle-Resistant Background

  • $129 USD | SKU : BWR-CB-88

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Backdropsource's Ceramic Wrinkle-Resistant Background offers a good finish that doesn't fade even under direct lights and high exposures. This background is ideal for home studios, kid portraits & head shots. Backdrop is made from a quality yet lightweight polyester matte material. 
  • Wrinkle-resistant, polyester material
  • Sewn-in rod pocket at top for hanging
  • Machine washable with mild detergent, tumble dry on low
  • Easily release wrinkles with a warm iron on the back or steam while hanging
  • There will be one seam in 20ft x 20ft
1 x Wrinkle-Resistant Background

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