Cool-Lux LK4010 Hollywood Broad Light
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Cool-Lux LK4010 Hollywood Broad Light

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The Hollywood two-in-one combination light is a do all, go anywhere light! The Hollywood Combo Light has a removable hood to make it a broad light or softlight. The unit even has an available softbox for ultimate versatility and portability. Perfect for today’s HD Video productions.

The Combo Light uses a color-neutral, metal bounce reflector to provide soft illumination for interviews and close-ups. It provides a flattering light that produces excellent skin tones, and diminishes wrinkles and blemishes. No more washed out highlights! The Hollywood Combo Light gives you highlights with detail and shadows with soft edges for greater depth and modeling of facial features.

The light source features an adjustable lamp socket that can use both long and short linear lamps. The mounting bracket attaches directly to a light stand and allows the light to be rotated and tilted for maximum lighting accuracy.



  • Watts500
  • Volts120
  • Beam AngleBroad
  • Color Temp.3000K
  • Foot Candles @ 5'153


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