Speedotron D402 - 400 Watt/Second Power Supply
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Speedotron D402 - 400 Watt/Second Power Supply

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Built for the photographer who needs the portability of a compact Unit, but who also needs 400 Ws of Power.

The D402LV is at home in the studio or on the road.
400 Ws of power can be channeled to one light unit, or split symmetrically or asymmetrically to up to four heads.
A half power switch is provided for even greater versatility.

This unit has long been the location (and studio) pack of choice for wedding and portrait photographers..

Maximum Power:        400 Watt-seconds
Power Range:             150Ws to 400Ws
Guide Number*:          270
Recycle Time to 85%: 1.75 seconds  (ANSI)
Power Channels:        2
Total Outlets:              4
Dial Down:                  Full & Half Power (One f-stop)
Flash Duration:           1/1200 seconds (0.8 milliseconds)
Power Input:               105 to 120V AC, 50-60Hz, 10 amps peak

Size** - WxLxH:          7.9" x 5.6" x 7.3"
Weight:                       11.4 pounds

Includes power cord and sync extension cord.

*Guide Number is calculated at ISO 100, calculated at 10 feet with M11Q Light, 11.5” standard grid reflector - on axis with MW9QC flash tube.
** Dimensions of Power Supply “BOX” - add 1.5 inches to the Height Dimension to accommodate the handle.


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