Digital Hotcakes Vol 4 Animated Aquadrops - Video Backgrounds
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Digital Hotcakes Vol 4 Animated Aquadrops - Video Backgrounds

  • $139

36 amazing water animations that all loop seamlessly.

Easily and inexpensively add visually stunning, high impact graphics to your projects with the exciting, fresh, new motion backgrounds library called the Digital Hotcakes Series Bundle. This affordable package includes the first eight volumes all in one convenient-to-use binder. The Grand Slam includes Animated Backdrops, Digital Backdrops, Organic Backdrops, Skydrops, Aquadrops, Pyromations, AcidDrops, Grids & Grunge, Alpha Mattes, FilmFX, Globes, Blooming Designs and Sparticles.

  • 100% Royalty-free
  • Professional quality green screen stock footage
  • Multiply file formats included
  • Guaranteed compatible with all video editing systems
  • No conversion software required
  • Loop seamlessly*
  • Animations descriptively named for easy reference
  • Printed thumbnail guide
  • Available on DATA DVD in NTSC or PAL
  • Also available on mini-DV tapes in NTSC
1 x Video Pack

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