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Flolight MicroBeam 256


  • $399

High output compact LED light, 200W hotlight equivalent output. Multiple versions are now available to choose from, Daylight (~5600K) or Tungsten (~3200K), in either 30° beam angle or 60° beam angle versions. Models are available for Panasonic and Sony batteries. Runs for up to 3 hours on some large camera batteries (genuine NP-F970). Carry case and Mains to 12VDC adapter now included. NOT ALL LARGER SONY NP BATTERIES SUPPORTED.
  • 256 Ultra Bright LED's
  • Daylight (~5600K) and Tungsten (~3200K) Versions Available
  • Spot (~30° Beam) and Flood (~60° Beam) Versions Available
  • External DC input 7-16v DC
  • Full dimming via dimmer knob on back of unit
  • Runs for hours on standard Lion camera batteries
  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum case
  • Color correction/diffuser gels included
  • Hotshoe swivel mount included
  • Slide in filter holder
  • Full filter pack (including a Tungsten filter for daylight models and vice-versa)
  • 12VDC, includes camera battery mounting plates for (your choice of one)Sony, and Panasonic. Also accepts 12V DC directly
  • Brighter than units costing much more
  • On camera LED light operates for hours on standard Li-Ion camcorder batteries.
  • Use your existing batteries with mounts for Sony and Panasonic
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