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JTL Computer Remote Accessory Kit for Versalight D Series

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a. Computer Remote Transmitter (CRT)
The CRT receives signals from your PC, and in turn transmits up to nine different specifications to a total of 9 units—each unit can include as many lights as you wish, each with a receiver attached (a unit is a group of lights all following the same specifications). Working together with DRR, your CRT will shift your lighting operation from a manual setting of specifications, to the computer keyboard. You may either send your remote control signal to each individual Versalight D after finishing your power setting specifically, or send them once as a whole for all Versalight D units. You may also save previous lighting specification files onto your hard drive and reuse the settings to replicate previous lighting scenes.

The Computer Remote Transmitter is best used mounted directly onto the ceiling, but can also be mounted on three types of JTL stands—the background support stand, cinema stand (with a 40" extendable arm only—not the 20"), and/or boom kit (Code: 5100). With the background stand, the CRT is screwed into the clamp (Code: 1024), which is then clamped onto the horizontal pole of the stand, above the shot. On the cinema stand, the CRT (screwed into the clamp) is clamped onto the extendable arm of the stand, which can then be extended out as far as you wish. Finally, with the boom kit, the CRT (also screwed into the clamp) is clamped onto the extendable arm, which can then be raised accordingly.

b. Supplementary Elements
These include a phone wire to link up the computer with the CRT, a power adapter for the CRT, and a free CD with the JTL Versalight D operation software.

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