JTL Mobilight 301 (Optidress) with Lithium Battery Pack

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Mobilite is designed as the batteryoperated versions of the Versalight series for location photographers who cannot find an AC power outlet. The Mobilite series is composed of three different models: the Mobilite 110, the Mobilite 200 and the Mobilite 300. The rechargeable JTL battery pack can support the Mobilite 110 for over 180 fullpower flashes, the Mobilite 200 for over 150 fullpower flashes, and the Mobilite 300 for over 100 fullpower flashes.
With a JTL rechargeable battery pack, the Mobilite can be used as a main light, fill light, hair light or back light at a variety of photo locations without any outside power supply. The light features a dualvoltage power inlet*, continuous power setting adjuster*, car lighter adaptor, lowbattery alarm, quick battery recharging, weightbalanceable stand fixture* and much more. *: except for Mobilite 110

The JTL Mobilight 301 is commonly used for General purpose, Indoors, Night time, Outdoors and more.The JTL Mobilight 301 is popular because customers like the following qualities of the JTL Mobilight 301: Attach securely, Good color value, Good power output and Long-lasting

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