JTL Mobilight 401 (Optidress) with Lithium Battery Pack

JTL Mobilight 401 (Optidress) with Lithium Battery Pack

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The JTL Mobilight 401 is designed for on-location and studio photographers. It can draw its power from Ni-H Battery or an electric outlet, so it is not bound by the physical limits of a wire or cord.
  • AC/DC (Lithium battery and Ni-H battery) power supply
  • Continuous output power setting adjustment
  • Replaceable optidress flash tube
  • +/-0.1EV output power regulation
  • +/-0.1F stabilizer for output precision
  • Built-in 360°photo slave
  • Built-in thermostat to avoid overheating
  • Standard recharge audio-signal
  • Car lighter adaptor
  • Low battery alarm
  • Quick battery recharging
  • Patented sliding-bracket
  • Weight balanceable stand fixture and much more

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