JTL TL-880 Umbrella Boom Kit
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JTL TL-880 Umbrella Boom Kit

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Versalight E Kits

Designed to be an upgrade for JTL Versalight, the Versalight E is JTL's newest professional studio series strobe light for portrait photography. Featuring a standard fan cooler, aluminum alloy housing, and a 360-degree photo slave, this light has a built-in stabilizer for providing an output precision of +/- 0.1F.

It features a detachable optidress flash tube with UV correction coating (protected by a glass-made safety cover) for accurate color temperature, which is crucial for portrait pictures. In addition, a variety of accessories are available for the Versalight E, including flash tubes, kits, standard metal reflectors, and stand fixtures.

This kit also contains the JTL Versalight J-160 strobe light. The Versalight J-160 is a quality strobe light at an exceptional value for commercial studios, location photographers, photo schools, students, and amateurs as well! This light provides 160w/s of output power (160 joules) on full, and GN 120 feet at ASA 100.

The Versalight J-160 features a built in reflector and power cable, remote sensor, continuous power adjustor with fine-setting clutches, angle-adjustable bracket with built-in umbrella holder, recharge-ready indicator, two-way fixing stand adapter, and an easily changeable fuse holder.

In addition, a variety of accessories are available for the Versalight J-160, including a 24-inch by 24-inch soft box kit, four leaf barn doors, honeycomb, color filter kits, and snoot.

    Code: 93880 TL-880 Lighting Kit
    Description Qty
    Versalight E-360 2
    7" (ID) Standard Metal Reflector 2
    Versalight J-160 1
    750 Black Stand 2
    Boom Set W/Case 1
    33" White Umbrella 1
    36" Silver Umbrella 1
    Barn Doors 1
    Studio Carrying Case on Wheel 1

    • Adorama Valuable Bundle. Kit Includes.
    • JTL TL-880 Umbrella Boom Kit with 2 Versalight E-250, 1 Versalight J-160 Strobe with Stands, Cases and Accessories.

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