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JTL Versalight D-501 with Digital Remote Receiver

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Versalight D (Digital) Series
As the newly developed JTL studio strobe systems, the Versalight D series has a combination of high-tech elements. It features infrared remote control, computerized memory, 360° digital display, and a variety of patented lighting designs. With different accessories, you can combine the features of the Versalight D series with a JTL remote controller and your personal computer—you can use your computer to specify the exact lighting environment that you desire, and recreate previous lighting environments with the touch of a key. The Versalight D can be used with the remote control (Code: 2310), a computer, or simply alone, as a normal light (like a normal Versalight).

  • Code: 2305-1 Versalight D-501
  • Output Power: 500WS
  • Guide No.(ISO 100, Ft): 230
  • Flash Tube: Clear Optidress Detachable (#3315)
  • Power Supply: AC 110 – 130V/60 Hz
  • Recharge Time: 0.5-3 Sec. In Full
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • Triggering: Computer with Transmitter, Remote Controller, Synch Cord & Test Button
  • Power Setting: 1/8 to Full Continuously w/Reference Display

JTL Versalight D series is available in 100-130V, 60Hz.

- Digital adjustment and display on lighting functions
- 360° universal digital display and signal receiver for remote control
- Separate or simultaneous operation of up to 9 units of Versalight D with JTL PC software, transmitters, and receivers
- Exact reproductions of past lighting environments saved in your computer
- Two options to dump the power saved in capacitors: resistive (quiet) dump or flashing dump
- Alarm system: continuous audio signal warning of any malfunction, as well as a low power warning
- Built-in stabilizer for continuous output precision (±0.1 F.)
- Digital power adjustment (separate or simultaneous) for strobe and modeling lamp
- Idle function to save electricity
- Detachable (customer-replaceable) flash tube with built-in diffuser
- Patented sliding-bracket to ensure light stability
- Built-in thermostat to avoid overheating
- Dual locking screws for studio rail system installation
- Aluminum alloy housing

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