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JTL Versalight E-360

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Versalight  E

Versalight E is designed as the upgrade model of JTL Versalight. As a newest professional studio series for portrait photography, the five different models of Versalight E series share the following features in common:
1. Detachable optidress flash tube with UV correction coating (protected by a glass-made safety cover) for an accurate color temperature, that is crucial for portrait pictures.
2. E-650, 800: Continuous output adjustment with a group of 40 fine setting clicks in an even proportion. Simultaneous modeling tracking with flashing from 1/1 to 1/23 output settings
3. E-250, 360, 500: Digital power adjustment (separate or simultaneous) for strobe and modeling lamp
4. E-250, 360, 500: LED Power Display for output and modeling lamp
5. Automatic silent discharge for decrement power settings
6. Fast power recharge in full within 2 seconds
7. Audio and visual indication of full charge
8. Built-in stabilizer for output precision +/-0.1F by advanced microchips and CPU controlling systems
9. Output power regulation +/- 0.05EV
10. Standard fan cooler and built-in thermostat with audio alarm to avoid overheat
11. Dual-secured mobile bracket (patented)
12. ‹5V strobe triggering system for digital cameras
13. Built-in 360° photo slave
14. Aluminum alloy housing
15. Life of new adjust key: up to 100,000 switches
16. Self detection system with audio alarm

  • Code: 3213 Versalight E 360
  • Power Supply (in full): 360W
  • Flash Tube (#3313): Clear Optidress Detachable
  • Guide No.(ISO 100, Ft): 193
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • Recharge Circle in Full: 0.5-2 sec

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