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JTL WebTent, 32"x18"x15"

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Web Tent
    JTL Web Tent is a must have for commercial photographers; it is the perfect accessory for shooting products such as, clothing, footwear, crafts, etc. Easy to set up, compact and portable, beautiful results are easy to achieve with Web Tent.
    Taking pictures of merchandises or samples is fast and simple with Web Tent. Subjects can be easily loaded into the tent from the both sides of the tent. Versatility is a key feature of the Web Tent. Whether you are shooting outdoors using sunlight, or indoors using tungsten lights or studio strobes, Web Tent will help you create beautiful and professional images.
    JTL has put together 3 Web Tent Light Kits. Using tungsten lights, ac slaves or studio flashes, each kit will offer a unique result. Each JTL Web Tent Kit can be used for photographic image production to create great looking and professional results.

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