Morris 111375 Maxi Slave Flash (Black)
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Morris 111375 Maxi Slave Flash (Black)

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The Morris Fast Recycle AC Slave II is a great light that boosts or fills in with any electronic flash. It features a fast recycling time of 2.5 seconds and is small enough to stow away in a crowded camera bag. This unit will function from the light of your existing flash only. This flash unit has no sync terminal for connection to a camera.

• Recycle Time of only 2.5 Seconds
• Green Power On Lamp
• GN 73' (22.2 m) at ISO 100 (in ft.)
• Angle of Coverage: 70º
• Operating Voltage: 110 - 115V AC
• Open Flash Button
• Includes: 1 Year Warranty
• Screws into any 110V AC socket 

Fast Recycle AC Slave II-i
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