Morris Mini Slave Wide Plus
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Morris Mini Slave Wide Plus

SKU : 690485
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A perfect unit for accent or background lighting, the Morris Mini Slave is also great for lighting small groups of people. It features a standard 1/4" tripod mount socket, built in slave, and complementary sync cord. The 4 Piece Filters easily snap on and off the slave unit. The slave requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

• Compact and easy to carry and conceal
• Triggered by your camera or another flash
• Eliminates Unwanted Shadows
• Built-in test button
• 1/4-20" Socket (Tripod Mount)
• Includes: Sync Cord and 1 Year Warranty

• Power Source: 2 AA Batteries, not included
• Guide Number: 24 (ISO 100 in feet)
• Subject Distance: 1.5 feet to 10 feet
• Coverage: 120
• Dimensions: 1.2 x 2.4 x 2.5"
• Recycles in 4 Secs


Mini Slave Wide Plus
Part # : 690485

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