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Norman 600 watt-second monolight reflector, FQ8 FT, modeling lamp, sync cord

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ML400 & ML600 Monolights

Compact and powerful, these systems can handle everything from the most demanding studio assignments to high volume portrait and school photography.

These versatile systems combine Norman durability with the versatility of today's advanced electronics. The controls on Norman 400 and 600 watt-second Monolights allow power adjustments in either watt-seconds or f/stops from full power. A digital readout displays accurate, repeatable settings through a five f/stop range in 1/10-stop increments.

- Monolight
- Flashtube
- Modeling Lamp
- 7-inch Umbrella Reflector
- Protective Flashtube Cover
- 15' Power Cord
- Sync Cord
- R9113 Adapter Ring for use with
standard Norman Light Modifiers

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