Norman Power Pack 1200 watt second w/Pocket Wizard
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Norman Power Pack 1200 watt second w/Pocket Wizard

SKU : 810710
  • $2,162
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Norman D12R (810710) and D24R (810818) models include built-in PocketWizard™ receivers Norman Power Supplies are also available with built-in PocketWizard™ radio receivers. This unique feature allows these power supplies to be used in the studio or on location without the hassle of sync cords, and it eliminates the risk of inadvertent tripping of your lights from other strobes in the area. The built-in PocketWizard™ receiver can be set to operate from any channel selected on a compatible PocketWizard™ transmitter. Having the PocketWizard™ receiver built into the D12R and D24R eliminates the need to carry and keep track of a seperate receiver module and compatible cable. Best of all, the built-in unit is powered directly from the power supply, eliminating the need for batteries.
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