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Norman Power Supply 800 watt seconds
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Norman Power Supply 800 watt seconds

SKU : 810665

  • $1,874

P808m Power Supply
The P808m (810665) Power Supply was built for high volume photography, and it is a popular choice for undergraduate and other similar applications. It incorporates four independently controlled lampheads that can be set to full, half, quarter power or off, equaling 200, 100 and 50-watt-second settings. Channel power can also be combined to use 400 w-s on one or two lampheads, and even 800 w-s is possible when using a single LH500+ Lamphead.

A three-position modeling lamp switch allows the lamps to ratio with the power level, remain full or be switched off completely. The fail-to-flash alarm system provides an audible signal in the event of a lamphead misfire.
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