Photogenic 12-volt battery pack for StudioMax III
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Photogenic 12-volt battery pack for StudioMax III

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The AKB-1 Battery Pack is a complete battery outfit for powering StudioMax  “B” and “BR” lights. When you have to work unplugged, the AKB-1 is your best DC-power solution. It's designed for years of use.

This ultra-portable three-pound pack provides energy for over 200 full power flashes with the AKC160B and BR styles, and over 150 flashes with the AKC320B and BR. Unlike some other battery packs, this one has a user-replaceable battery. The 12V lead-acid cell slides into the pack, which fits in a protective padded case with a removable shoulder strap.

The AKB-1 includes

  • battery (rated 12V 2300mA)
  • pack
  • AC recharger
  • power cable
  • padded case with strap

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