Photogenic Solair 2000Ws 4-Light Kit
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Photogenic Solair 2000Ws 4-Light Kit

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PL600K Simone Kit—the kit built by master portrait artists Joseph and Louise Simone. This is a four-light kit, with a variety of light modifiers: a large soft box, a strip soft box, a 16" reflector with diffuser and barndoors to fit, a background reflector, and appropriate stands. In this kit are:

  • (4) PL500DRC Solair Lights. Each of these lights comes complete with a
    • high-gain 7½-inch reflector
    • color-corrected flash tube
    • 250-Watt modeling lamp
    • flash tube protector
    • power cord
    • sync cord
    • operator's manual
  • (1) SB24x32 24" X 32" Soft Box
  • (1) SB12X36 12" X 36" Soft Box
  • (1) PL16R 16" Reflector
  • (1) PL16BD Rectangle Two-Panel Barndoors
  • (1) PL16D Diffuser
  • (1) Background Reflector
  • (3) Heavy Duty 13-foot Air-Cushioned Stands
  • (1) Background 3-foot Air-Cushioned Stand

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