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Photogenic StudioMax III 320Ws 1-light Softbox kit
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Photogenic StudioMax III 320Ws 1-light Softbox kit

SKU : 956145

  • $587

Kit AKC25K has one 320Ws light with narrow soft box on boom and stand, with wheeled soft case. In this kit are:

  • (1) AKC320 StudioMax III light. This light comes complete with a
    • high-gain 7½-inch reflector
    • flash tube
    • 100-Watt modeling lamp
    • flash tube protector
    • power cord
    • sync cord
    • operator's manual
  • (1) AK1236 12" x 36" Soft Box
  • (1) Heavy Duty Air-Cushioned 8-foot Stand
  • (1) Boom Arm with Swivel
  • (1) Wheeled Soft Case with Pull Handle
                          • Flash Power 10 to 320 watt-seconds
                            Guide Number (ISO100@10ft.) 190 w/PL7R reflector; 57 w/no reflector
                            Flash Duration 1/120 second at full power; 1/4800 second at 1/32 power
                            Recycle Time 3.0 sec. at full power; 0.2 sec. at 1/32 power
                            Power Control Range: Full to 1/32 power (6 f-stops); stepless resolution
                            Flash Temperature 5400K ± 200K
                            Modeling Light Power 100 watt Quartz, ESR
                            Modeling Light Control On/Off
                            Triggering Sync jack (5 volts); Push-to-test button; Built-in photo slave
                            Sync Voltage 5V
                            Main Supply 105 - 125 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3 amps
                            Consumption 1 amp idling, 5 amps charging
                            Fuse 3AG type 8 amp, SLO-BLO
                            Housing Molded high-impact ABS
                            Weight 3 lbs.
                            Dimensions (housing only) 5.25" x 5.25" x 7"
                            FLASH TUBES AND MODELING LAMPS:
                            Flash Tube User replaceable. Use only Photogenic C4-12C
                            Modeling Lamp 100 watt quartz, ESR
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