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Photogenic StudioMax III 960Ws AC/DC 3-light kit
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Photogenic StudioMax III 960Ws AC/DC 3-light kit

SKU : 900130

  • $1,343

The AKC320B is an excellent choice for any photographer needing an economical battery-powered monolight that maintains a constant color temperature. It’s easy to use on location or in the studio, and it won’t break your budget. These lights employ “constant color” technology which prevents the color temperature from visibly shifting, regardless of flash power level. You can be confident that the white balance at 320Ws is the white balance at 10Ws. The AKC320B gives you the freedom of AC or DC operation. When you have to work off the grid, the AKC320B is powered from the AKB-1 battery pack, sold separately. This ultra-portable three-pound pack provides energy for over 150 full power flashes.
In this kit:

  • (3) AKC320B (320Ws) StudioMax® III Strobe light (AC or DC Power Operation)
    • PL7R high-gain 7½-inch reflector
    • C4-12C UV Corrected Flashtube
    • ESR 100-Watt modeling lamp
    • PLFTP flash tube protector
    • PLLC power cord
    • PG4000PC sync cord
    • operator's manual
  • (1) Photogenic PL3R Background Reflector
  • (1) Photogenic AK2432 24”x32” Soft Box
  • (1) Photogenic EC45BC 45" Eclipse White Panel Umbrella
  • (2) Photogenic TALS8 Air-Cushioned 8-foot  Stand
  • (1) Photogenic TALS3 Air-Cushioned 3-foot  Stand
  • (1) Photogenic AK3419W Soft Case w/ Wheels
                  • Flash Power 10 to 320 watt-seconds
                    Guide Number (ISO100@10ft.) 170 w/PL7R reflector; 35 w/no reflector (AC)
                    Flash Duration 1/120 second at full power; 1/4800 second at 1/32 power
                    Recycle Time 3.0 sec. at full power; 0.2 sec. at 1/32 power
                    Power Control Range: Full to 1/32 power (6 f-stops); stepless resolution
                    Flash Temperature 5400K ± 200K
                    Modeling Light Power 100 watt Quartz, ESR
                    Modeling Light Control On/Off
                    Triggering Sync jack (5 volts); Push-to-test button; Built-in photo slave
                    Sync Voltage 5V
                    Main Supply 105 - 125 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3 amps
                    Consumption 1 amp idling, 5 amps charging
                    Fuse 3AG type 8 amp, SLO-BLO
                    Housing Molded high-impact ABS
                    Weight 3 lbs.
                    Dimensions (housing only) 5.25" x 5.25" x 7"
                    Flash Tube User replaceable. Use only Photogenic C4-12C
                    Modeling Lamp 100 watt quartz, ESR
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