Red 800W Studio Ultra Light
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Red 800W Studio Ultra Light

SKU : LIG-RH-80-000
  • $29

Red Head 800 watt light gives you the kind of studio lighting you need to get the professional shots you want. With continuous lighting there is no need for complicated flash settings or sync cords. This Red Head Lighting Unit 800W is a continuous open faced light.

With 3200K color temperature, the products can provide continuous daylight-type output. Positions of light tube and reflective cup can be adjusted. In other words, the light focus can be regulated. The four-part shading plate can be used for adjusting the illuminating scope. They fit such occasions as stage, studio and professional photography. There is a screw at the bottom of the lamp which can modulate the bulb's focus. The light attached with the foldable barn door to adjust light intensity when change the placket angle of barn door. When the bulb is much more closed to the bottom of the light, the ray will be more centralize. On the contrast, when the bulb is far from the bottom, the ray will be scatted.

These products can also be configured with lens to heighten the color-temperature value to 5500K, which is suitable for professional photographing.

Most popular solid colour backdrops are White photo backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.

  • Full metal made body
  • Ideal for photographic studios
  • Ideal for lighting in stage, conference room, studio, SLR and DSLR photography
  • Very strong and powerful lighting
  • Light output of 800 watts
  • Equipped with barndoors
  • Knob on the back of the light allows you to adjust the focus of the beam of light
  • A bulb life time is about 1000 hours.
        1 x 800 watt Tungsten bulb
        1 x Red head Light unit

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