Smith-Victor 700SG 600 Watt Quartz Light (120 V)
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Smith-Victor 700SG 600 Watt Quartz Light (120 V)

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A low cost and compact 600-watt flood light that provides broad, even 40¦ beam pattern, this lightweight unit is ideal for quick & easy set-ups on location or for studios. Supplied with a 600-watt 75-hr DYH lamp rated at 3200¦ K and safety glass shield. Because of the plastic housing, it is not recommended for extended duration use. Made in U.S.A.

    Part #: 401110
    Cable: 10 ft., 2-wire
    Construction: Phenolic resin
    Lamp Options: EYH, FBD or DYJ
    Mounting: Universal 3/8 in. to 5/8 in.
    Rating: 120-volt - 5.4 amps @ 600 watts
    Reflector: Etched aluminum
    Socket: Miniature 2-pin (G5.3)
    Switch: Unit-Mounted
    Weight: 1.125 lbs.
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