Smith-Victor 910 UL 10" Adapta-Light with UM6
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Smith-Victor 910 UL 10" Adapta-Light with UM6

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With a 5/8 in. stand mount, this 10 in. general purpose reflector provides smooth, clean light output with either a 250-watt or 500-watt lamp. UL Listed.

    Part #: 401015
    Details: Smith-Victor Adapta-Lights have been a mainstay for photographers for decades. Now they're gaining a new popularity, as the next generation of photographers realizes you don't need expensive, high-tech lighting to create great lighting effects. The reflectors have an umbrella punch-out, are hand-spun and chemically etched to maximize light output. The exteriors have a photographic black, baked-on enamel finish. The insulated handles allow for heat-free adjustment while in use, and have the new UM-6 umbrella mount. Lamps sold separately.
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