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Smith-Victor FLB-1 Fluorescent Light Tent Kit
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Smith-Victor FLB-1 Fluorescent Light Tent Kit

SKU : 402042

  • $186

Help increase your online auction sales using Smith-Victor's new FLB-1 Fluorescent Light Tent Kit. The FLB-1 Light Tent Kit contains everything you need for table top photography. The fluorescent lamps have a 10,000 hour life and put out virtually no heat. The 10 inch reflectors are hand spun with an etched interior for an even light source into the light tent. The outside of the reflectors have a photographic-black powder-coated finish. You can use fluorescent (included), photoflood, or our new screw-in tungsten halogen lamps.
The FLB-1 includes:
• 1 28-inch Light Tent with Carrying Case
• 1 White & Black Cloth Background Sweeps
• 2 10 Inch Hand-Spun Aluminum Reflectors
• 2 Socket & Cordset Assemblies
• 2 26-watt Fluorscent 5000k Spiral Lamps
• 2 RS8 8-foot Aluminum Light Stands
• 1 Smith-Victor Imaging with Light Guide

    Part #: 402042
    Cable: 8 feet
    Color Temperature: 3200 (Photoflood/Halogen) & 5500 (Fluorescent)
    Construction: Aluminum
    Lamp Options: Fluorescent, Photoflood, Halogen
    Power Source: AC 110-volt
    Reflector: 10-inch Hand Spun Aluminum
    Socket: Unit Mounted
    Voltage: 110-Volt
    Wattage: 26-watt Fluorescent to 250-watt Photoflood/Halogen
    Weight: 15 lbs.
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