Smith-Victor ImageMaker Plus Light Tent Kit
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Smith-Victor ImageMaker Plus Light Tent Kit

SKU : 402049
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Help increase your Internet sales using Smith-Victor’s new ImageMaker Product Lighting Kit. Made of durable white diffusion material, the Light Tent is ideal for product shots, glassware and metal objects. Produce professional quality images with this inexpensive and simple tabletop product lighting kit designed to diffuse light and eliminate unwanted reflections and shadows. The ImageMaker can be lit from either side, top, front or back. The fluorescent lamps, included with the kit, have a 10,000 hour useful life and are daylight color balanced. There are four colors of background sweeps including white and black, and, to eliminate backgrounds altogether using your design software, chromakey green and blue. The Imagemaker also includes a light-duty tabletop tripod and two photoflood light diffusers to diffuse light when not using the tent. The tent also has a removable front panel for ease of product positioning inside the tent and for camera lens positioning. One step “Pop-Up” design for ease of set up. Folds flat to fit in the included carrying case.
The ImageMaker™ includes:
• 1 20-inch Light Tent with Carrying Case
• 1 each White and Black Cloth Background Sweeps
• 1 each Blue and Green Chroma-key Background Sweeps
• 2 10-inch Hand-Spun Aluminum Reflectors
• 2 TD10 Cloth Diffusers
• 2 Socket & Cordset Assemblies
• 2 26-watt Fluorescent 5000K Spiral Lamps
• 2 Table-top Light Mounts
• 1 Smith-Victor Imaging with Light Guide
• 1 FREE Digipod Tabletop Tripod w/Ball Head

    Part #: 402049
    Cable: 8 feet
    Color Temperature: 3200K (Photoflood/Halogen)
    5500K (Fluorescent)
    Construction: Aluminum
    Lamp Options: Fluorescent, Photoflood, Halogen
    Power Source: AC 110-volt
    Reflector: 10-inch Hand-Spun Aluminum
    Socket: Unit Mounted
    Voltage: 110 Volt
    Wattage: 26-Watt Fluorescent to 250-Watt Photoflood/Halogen
    Weight: 4 lbs.
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