Smith-Victor KT100 Thrifty Single Tungsten Light Kit
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Smith-Victor KT100 Thrifty Single Tungsten Light Kit

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Designed to fulfill basic lighting requirements at an exceptionally affordable price, the improved Smith-Victor KT100 Thrifty Kit is an even better value. This kit features UM-6 umbrella mount, 5/8" light stand adapters and Smith-Victor's Raven RS8 8' light stand. The reflector is chemically etched for maximum light dispersion. The KT100 kit comes complete with reflector, socket & cord set, lamp, stand, & an Imaging with Light Guide.

    Part #: 401438
    Dimensions: 13 in. (W) x 26 in. (L) x 13 in. (D)
    Weight: 7 lbs.
    Details: • 1 10 in. Reflector
    • 1 Socket & Cordset with Stand Mount
    • 1 UM-6 Umbrella Mount
    • 1 Raven RS8 8 ft. Black Aluminum Stand
    • 1 ECA 250-Watt Photoflood Lamp
    • 1 Lighting Guide: Imaging with Light


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