Smith-Victor SoftCase with Wheels
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Smith-Victor SoftCase with Wheels

SKU : 402217
  • $79

The all new Smith-Victor Soft Case with Wheels is a double decked, padded case designed to hold three monolights or S-V hot lights and accessories. The upper deck of the case measures 29" L X 13" W X 9" H and features two removable partitions to create compartments for three lights. Tie-down straps in each compartment secure the lights in place. A full-length foam padded divider sits on top of the lights for added protection. The large net pocket in the top cover is ideal for accessories like gels and diffusers. The lower deck is 3 ½” high and is accessed by a zippered flap on the end of the case. Three or more light stands up to 29” long and 3” in diameter can be loaded into the lower deck. A padded zippered compartment on the side of the case holds two umbrellas up to 29" long. The case features two-inch wheels and a luggage-style pull-out handle. Canvas handles and a shoulder strap are included to transport over rough terrain or in areas where wheels cannot be used.

    Part #: 402217
    Dimensions: 14" deep x 30" long x 14" high
    Weight: 12.75 lbs.


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