Speedotron 1205CX 1200 w/s Power Pack (120V)
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Speedotron 1205CX 1200 w/s Power Pack (120V)

SKU : 850107
  • $1,570

The 1205cx LV may be the perfect traveling pack.

It delivers a very useful 1200Ws of power. With true power output ratioing, variable dial-down power and model lamp intensity, and four quick release light unit outlets, there are 189 output level variations available to match the needs of almost any shooting situation.

Maximum Power: 1200 Watt-secs
Guide Number* at 35º-90º: 500-270
Recycle Time: 0.9 seconds
Power Channels: 3
Ratio Combinations: 21
Dial Down: 9
Total Output
Variations: 189
Special Features: Ratio, Dial-down Power, Model Lamp
Weight: 15 pounds
Size**: 6.4" x 8.8" x 10"

Includes power cord & phone plug PC cord.

*Guide Number is calculated at ISO 100, in feet with 202VF Light, 11.5” reflector forward (35°) and back (90°) positions.
** With handle


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