Speedotron D802B - 800 Watt/Second Power Supply
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Speedotron D802B - 800 Watt/Second Power Supply

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One of the most popular, this 800Ws Power Supply is for the photographer who demands a multi-faceted pack with heavy-duty components & the versatility of symmetrical / asymmetrical Power distribution.

The D802D is light enough to go on location, and yet powerful enough to be the main pack for studio portrait and small product work.

Maximum Power:         800 Watt-seconds
Power Range:              300Ws to 800Ws
Guide Number*:          380
Recycle Time to 85%:  3.2 seconds  (ANSI)
Power Channels:          2
Total Outlets:              4
Dial Down:                  Full & Half Power (One f-stop)
Flash Duration:           1/830 seconds (2.9 milliseconds)
Power Input:               105 to 120V AC, 50-60Hz, 10 amps peak

Size** - WxLxH:          7.9" x 5.6" x 7.3"
Weight:                       12.2 pounds

Includes power cord & sync extension cord.

*Guide Number is calculated at ISO 100, calculated at 10 feet with M11Q Light, 11.5” standard grid reflector - on axis with MW9QC flash tube.
** Dimensions of Power Supply “BOX” - add 1.5 inches to the Height Dimension to accommodate the handle.


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