Speedotron DeSisti 10" Fresnel Focusing Spot
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Speedotron DeSisti 10" Fresnel Focusing Spot

SKU : 850420

  • $2,599

Based on the famed DeSisti™ 10" chassis, this 4800Ws light unit produces a 900 full power guide number (275 guide number in meters) into the center of a tight 10° beam at ANSI 100.

Spreading the beam with the focus knob allows you to increase the coverage to more than 50° and reduce the guide number by 1-1/2 f-stops.

Weight: 26 pounds

The 10" Fresnel. focusing spot is a complete light unit with:
• 4800Ws flash tube
• 250W quartz model lamp
• 1-1/8 inch yoke pin for suggested heavy duty cine stands
• standard 5/8" stand mount
• 20' head cable with a connector for Speedotron.

The optional #14202 adapter cable permits its use on 2400Ws and smaller Speedotron power supplies.

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