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Photos and videos enable us to tell our memoirs in the new world with our perspective. We cherish happy moments and envisage to make them memorable for posterity. Backdropsource enables photography enthusiasts, YouTube video makers, cinematographers, adventure sports shooters, wedding photographers, boudoir shooters and others to realize their creative ideas with use of best quality innovative photography products. Photographic art is building new frontiers and the studio equipment has become smarter and advanced for easy use. The focus is more streamlined on improving innovation in professional photography.

Backdropsource engages top photography talent for constant improvement of our studio products, innovative advertising, creative designing, integrated billing, secure data protection, marketing and software expertise to deliver the best photography industry experience. We are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and are partners with leading photography brands like Savage, JTL, Norman, Speedotron, Photogenic, Morris, DJI etc.

Backdropsource is a multi branded online store with largest collection of photography backdrops, studio gears and equipment in USA. The website offers photography enthusiasts personalized customer support to make an informed decision that best suits their requirements, usage and budget. Find and discover virtually everything for studio equipment in quickest time. The veritable photography kits have studio lights, chroma key screens, photography editing digital software, muslin fabric backdrops, seamless paper backdrops, vinyl backdrops, youtube video creator set, backdrop support systems, studio gears and accessories. Backdropsource products are renowned for quality and ease of use.

Our portal delivers best user experience to easily search and arrive at selection. We endeavor to empower photographers around the world to do more with less, enabling them to be a one man industry. Backdropsource is recognized for photographic innovation over the years. This is demonstrated by our growing, passionate, keenly engaged customers, who love photography and are testimony to our high quality and value for money offerings. Quality service is, The priority. We ensure 100% Purchase Protection for shopping with a safe and secure online ordering experience and convenient payment options. The modern and well equipped quality control ensures that our products are genuine and effective. Final test is done on the finished product before delivery.

We envisage understanding our customer requirements through constant communication feedback. Our customer support team provides reliable support through tailored solutions based on functional experience garnered over 12 years of photography industry experience. 24 x 7 customer support ensures you are never away from expert advice and relevant information assistance any time.

Photography backdrops collection has a vivid range of brands, fabric, colors, quality, dimensions, etc. to suit any photo shoot requirements. The important requirement is that the backdrop is thick and opaque. This can be achieved with a higher GSM or muslin texture to enhance the photo quality as output. Better light absorption by the backdrop fabric ensures deep colors output photo. This will ensure that the backdrop will be a perfect background and the entire light focus will be on the subject. The pure muslin backdrop made of 100% cotton yarn offers this capability. Cotton fiber has tendency to absorb the dye color completely. Every fiber thread will be a pure output of the color being desired for photography. The prevalent colors are solid colors which are single color backdrops i.e. Black, White, Blue, Green, Grey etc., There are many choices for head shots, portraits, full cape photos, visa photos, ID photos, close-up shots. Other backdrop options are with shades, colors, designs, patterns for an abstract artistic look to the shots and are called as fashion muslin. The other designs are grunge, mottled, murals, gatsby, spotted, sparkled, glitter backdrops. There are many fabrics for backdrops like paper, muslin, vinyl, polyester, resin. Paper is cost effective, easy to shoot with desired quality, short life. It is disposable as conventional paper to be used and thrown. The availability of many designs, easy storage and handling has made it favourite amongst photo booths, small studios.

Muslin is the professional choice to shoot best photos. It characteristics are long life, best color quality, low reflective index, creases on use, have to be maintained by ironing or steaming.

Vinyl is an artificially made synthetic fiber. The print on the fabric has definite life span which may last for the life term of the fabric. It lasts longer; apt for stable studio setup, mobility may be concern due to weight and crease retention when folded.

Polyester is a wrinkle free fabric which may be a mix of artificial and natural yarn fibers. It is easy maintenance, compact, occupies less space, good for shoots. It is a very viable option to create and print designs and patterns of choice with muslin like finish.

Canvas is a coarse feel thick density multi engineered fabric for cotton lookalike muslin finish. It has a coating on the core fabric that absorbs color perfectly and delivers a high resolution output to the print. It is the fabric of choice for vintage artwork, classic replica display showpiece to decorate living room spaces.


Photography is made special by paying attention to detailing. There are a lot of studio gears available in the market. Backdropsource offers all of the best brand of accessories required by wedding photographers, professional photographers, product shooting experts, hobbyists, photography enthusiasts.

Backdrop stand or support systems are a mandatory accessory to hold the immaculate backdrop and create an aesthetic background. The new age idea of photography and video making are being experienced constantly for a picture perfect photo. The photo that tells a story in itself, Backdrop stands offer the flexibility of size with adjusting width or height for making different studio requirements.

The light stands are robust, made from quality metallic alloy with long lasting capabilities. The objective is to give wings to the imagination in photography. These light stands can hold weights of your light heads to draw full attention on photo subjects.

Studio environment is choice of many photographers due to its flexibility of providing controlled environment, though natural light is best for many shoot requirements. Photographers choose reflectors or ultra cool daylights for creating their own natural light. These are available in multiple power options to shoot specific studio dimensions.

Photography of inanimate objects or products has increased a lot.  There are many etailers intending to list products online.  The visual merchandising aspect requires quality shots of products at different angles. Product photography provides the environment with light tents and supplementary light requirements are fulfilled with fluorescent light reflectors. Reflectors and barndoor accessories are aid to control light output based on requirements.

Studio lights create a mesmerizing effect on photos they can create a lasting impression on photo shots. The major market leading lights are LED lights with 1000W, Dimmable Bicolor, 2000W power options. Tungsten Quartz lights for professional video shoots. The Red Head 800W halogen lights for illumination of a background. These lights will brighten background. Fluorescent softbox delivers white light with diffusion to increase brightness on subject and even spread on the full length of the subject. These are economical and favourite with amateurs, starters. Daylight reflectors are great way to generate natural light. 5 lamp holder soft box lights are the ones that give higher brightness for best illumination effect.

CHROMA KEY is a viable technology offering the flexibility to create videos and photos with the use of chroma key. The use of popup green screen kit is a specific color dye, easily identified by chroma key software to edit the background. There are set of chromakey backdrops, chroma apparel suits, morph suits, chroma key paints, and chroma editing software.

STUDIO LIGHTS delivers illumination to meet different requirements of photo shoot. The studio lighting domain is evolving to address new genres and create the best photograph. There are two usage based classification of lights; one that are used for photo shoots and the second that have applicability to shoot videos.

The illumination or light source defines the type of light :-

LED lights have light emitting diode (LED) as the power source which are energy efficient and consume low power. These LED light panel are lightweight, mobile, portable and have battery power backup for outdoor shoots. LEDs are versatile by generating separate color output at different temperatures providing usage flexibility to shoot photos and videos. The power can be controlled to suit brightness requirements.

Quartz or Tungsten lights deliver high intensity yellow incandescent light at equivalent output power consumption. Professional photographers choose these lights to shoot videos for natural light effect. These lights are used along with accessories like softbox, light stands, barndoor with color gels for many creative combinations.

Softbox Fluorescent Lights: are economical and provide even white illumination. These are lights are used by starters, mobile photographers to shoot photos with natural soft light.

Fluorescent Lamp Reflectors create for artificial daylight in studio shoot. They provide large area coverage by dispersing the light around the subject.

Halogen lights deliver incandescent output for video shoots. They provide yellow light with continuous illumination. The common usage of red head halogen light is to brighten the background or backdrop.

Flash/ Strobe lights deliver an instantaneous burst of light for high illumination. These are compact lights used along with a softbox for even lighting. The lights are controlled with a digital trigger to sync the shots with a camera.



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