About Us

Backdropsource is a multi branded online store with largest collection of photography backdrops and studio equipment in USA. We are partners with major brands Savage, JTL, Norman, Speedotron, Photogenic, Morris etc. Our vivid range of products address studio lighting, product photography, chroma key kits, photography editing digital software, muslin fabric backdrops, paper backdrops, vinyl backdrops, you tube video creation kits, backdrop support systems, studio gears and accessories.

We endeavour to delight our customers in all our customer engagement by closely understanding their requirements through direct communication and constant feedback. There are new products being added to the portfolio regularly and upgrades being made to the existing products. Currently there are more than 1500 products active on the website that can be purchased by customers.

The website is intuitively designed for easy access to information

Using state-of-the-art technologies, efficient processes and very high quality of raw material, Backdropsource.com supplies backdrops of the highest quality. Our customers get very high quality of backdrops specifically designed for the photography and theatrical industry at unbeatable prices.

The manufacturing unit supplies cotton muslin, cotton duck and cotton canvas.

    • Extra wide width seamless fabrics

The fabric is manufactured using specially designed weaving and processing machinery that can handle widths of up to 156" (13ft)

    • High Durability

The fabrics are made highly durable by using the stentering process.

    • Color fastness and brightness

Using high quality UV optic whiteners for White Muslin and dyes for Black the fabrics are rendered to be wash durable and bright. Chroma Key Blue and Chroma Key Green fabrics are scientifically color matched for digital videography.

    • Sophisticated quality control system

Quality control checks are placed in every step of the manufacturing process to ensure very high quality.

    • Packaging

Custom packaging is available as per customers' requirements,

    • Distribution

Backdropsource.com has covered distribution of fabrics and backdrops all over the U.S through its warehousing and shipping locations in the US and in strategic locations around the globe.

Our Credentials At Backdropsource.com achievements are part and parcel of our job. The company's manufacturing unit proudly boasts of supplying to major s and s of backdrops and fabrics around the world.

Quality... our priority The company boasts of a modernized and sophisticated quality control and audit system. Strict vigil is kept on every product at every stage of its production. Irregularities are checked and a comprehensive multidimensional final test is done on the finished product. A fine packaging unit ensures a perfect product.



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