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Indelible Print Fabric Backdrops

Posted by Ross Henry on

Photography is an evolving art and the usage of backdrops in professional shoots has changed a lot. The world is changing rapidly. Fast life requires more portable backdrops to save time. Backdrops are printed at choice and delivered quickly. Photographers intend to shoot photos based on different concept, artistic theme or pervasive idea. In such scenario it is imperative to have a backdrop with your own choice artwork. Photographer can adjust the angle of shooting and lighting at best to suit the occasion.

Backdropsource has the unique offering under its product category of Indelible Print Fabric Backdrops aka IPF backdrops. The name in itself is suggestive of the quality of prints as they are long lasting, which sustain throughout the life of fabric. There are many theme based images available for printing as part of the collection. The images are available to be used separately or may be modified to create the custom art work and printed on fabric.  These standard sample images are for the event like birthday, wedding, anniversary, church, festivals, sports events, cultural fest, ….

The photographic advantage in shooting with a unique art work is to create a signature style of the photographer. Backdropsource prints on fabric using eco solvent high resolution output dyes. The artwork can be printed on a canvas, polyester, vinyl, risen or muslin fabric. The fabrics are chosen based on their usage and characteristics. The important functionalities that define the choice of fabric are as below.

Size: The background dimension that has to be displayed or highlighted with a backdrop is key deciding factor for choosing the fabric to print. As the printing has some limitations.

Canvas has the printing width limitation of 5ft or 1.5mt. There is no restriction on length of fabric.

Polyester can be printed on any dimensions. For quicker turnaround and delivery 5ft or 1.5m width is preferable. It can also be printed for any length.

Vinyl has no size restriction and can be chosen for printing smaller to extra large sizes.

Image Quality: The quality of image as final print output with the resolution intensity makes a difference to the choice of fabric.

Canvas is printed with high resolution eco solvent dye which has the best print quality.

Polyester is an artificial fabric that has sublimation printing done at high temperature for good resolution and its print quality is second only to canvas.

Vinyl is a synthetic fabric that provides digital image print quality.

Portable: Portability is important for mobile photographers and small studio setups to do quick and fast shoot.

Canvas is portable with the limitation on size and easy storage.

Polyester is the best wrinkle free fabric as it can be carried to any location. It can be installed and stored with least effort.

Vinyl has the least portability with large size. It can be stored in roll form. When folded creases develop that require attention and effort to get smooth finish.


Polyester is the least weighing fabric followed by Canvas. It is easy to carry and install.

Vinyl is comparatively heavy.


Canvas has the best texture and image resolution to provide quality finish. It is most suitable for professional photography.  It doesn’t have rod pocket or eyelets to support the fabric. Photographer has to use other support mechanisms to hold as backdrop.

Polyester gives the second best quality. Rod pocket is available on the wide side and hemming on all sides.

Vinyl has smooth finish. It has rod pocket and eyelets to hold the backdrop.


The most economical is vinyl printing. Large background can be projected with vinyl printed backdrops.

Polyester has optimal price. It is wrinkle free long lasting portable fabric.

Canvas printing is premium as they provide high quality resolution output.

Choice of backdrop is based on the fabric characteristics. Photographer may print an artwork of choice and create an Indelible Print Fabric Backdrop.

Backdropsource offers complementary design services to create the custom artwork and print on fabric. The standard delivery is five days on order placement through express shipping.

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