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YouTube Movies with Chroma Key Studio Lights

Posted by Ross Henry on

I am John Wade working as an assistant director for the past 5 years. I have been trying to direct a movie by myself and seeking producers with the copy of my short films directed by me with the help of my team, first of all, we searched for the suggestions to shoot a video,we got up an idea on our team discussion that LED lights best suits for the video shooting and it had an advantage that it best suits for both photo and video shooting,but our budget doesn't allow us for such an option,hence we go for another option to shoot our short film,the second thing came to the suggestion is Quartz light,which best suites for the video lighting and to our budget.The third suggestion which came out in our discussion is softboxes,which effects continuous lighting to our shooting to look like natural from photo graphical point of view,actually what we thought ,came real with these lights and video looks more natural as expected.

Our video runs for 15 minutes duration,in which the many shots were taken in daylights and it has looks much contradict with natural light source which is the sun,but we use deflectors which are translucent to avoid unwanted distractions in the form of sunlight,the softboxes helps us more in the situation where we suffered from poor dim natural lighting,such an occasions have been overcame by these kinds of video lighting kit and the main thing is the accessories which is being provided by the company as combo along with these studio lights, the whole kit serves us better in our work as we only have limited members in our team,we lack manpower to hold these lighting kits.In contrast,the studio lighting kit serves the better way for us to complete our short film in more efficient manner.

Our short needs to be shot in many different locations,as it is a budget film,we went for backdrops to be screen behind the frame to ensure that the film is being shot at different locations ,for example our film starts with the person sitting in the garden ,so we prefer the backdrop with the better lawn image being printed and the light is glowing behind it to ensure the better lighting performance,like the same way we have a shot for forest with some animals in it to be screened,hence we choose the option of chroma key backdrops and apparels in which the shot has been done in a very wide room with persons wearing apparels of chroma key and its backdrops of green colour and we edit the shot with software to ensure the frame to give a terrific feeling of the jungle and hunting animals,hence we shot the mini budget adventure short film with these studio equipment that serves in the most efficient manner, the exciting thing here is we got a producer for our feature film to be shot only because of the short film,which we worked with these equipment.

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