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How to shoot subjects with White Backdrop

Posted by Ross Henry on

The fabric that stays behind the subject serves as a background is known as a backdrop. Fabrics used as backdrops are a muslin, canvas, vinyl, paper, polyester or wall paint. It is available in different size and shapes. Photographers use a backdrop to showcase his subject crystal clear in the high quality photo. Backdrops provide a smooth background and help in minimizing the time of image processing.

The pure solid white background enhances the features of the subject and delivers a professional touch. White backdrop made from muslin is an ideal way to shoot high-quality photographs. Muslin has a high light absorption capability. It provides a professional look, an excellent option for shooting pictures for identification cards. It is washable and portable. Ironing or steaming is done to maintain the smooth finish of the backdrops.

All the colors of light are observed to get the vibrant white light. The features of subtlety, edges, arc and curves are crystal clear against the white backdrop. It is chosen for all official, diplomatic, administrative, literary usage. Some photographers prefer to use white backdrops for non-conventional use like events shoot, family portraits and fashion group photography.

Muslin is an ideal choice of to enable a lasting photo finish. It brings out the subject nuances to its best demonstration. The pure white muslin is apt for headshots, portraiture and close-up shots with a high-resolution finish. Full scale or landscape photography also uses white backdrops for panoramic views in outdoor shoots.

Photographers should use contrast and brightness between subject and the backdrop. Though there are exceptions, it is essential that the subject should be brighter than the backdrop.
White Photo backdrop is versatile, by placing different coloured gels over lights the white surface will switch to the same color of gels or adjust as per the light falling on it. We can change a White backdrop to grey to black in few seconds just by turning the lights off and increasing the distance between the subject and the backdrop.

White is the most popular photo backdrop as it never goes out of fashion. It brings the sense of purity, Clean and it serves to isolate and draws the attention to the subjects. It also bounces the light. The advantage of using white is it goes with all the other colors

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