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Types of photography backdrops

Posted by Ross Henry on

For starters, backdrops are quite easily one of the most important and critical part of your studio setup. It is highly imperative to think about what goes behind your subject because the backdrops play a very vital role in helping to bringing out the subject as the sole point of focus.

 There are a wide range of backdrops depending on the type of material used, design patterns, sizes and the art works. We are not going to delve into the backdrop sizes because that purely depends on how much space you have in your setup. So, instead we shall go through the different types of backdrops (based on materials with which they are made of) available to help you decide which one suits you better.

Muslin Backdrops:

Muslin backdrops are the most popular backdrops available in the market. Muslins are loosely oven material which are light weight and are widely used as studio backdrops all over the world. oven material which are light weight and are widely used as studio backdrops all over the world. To know more about the muslin, please go through its wiki entry here ( Muslin backdrops are available in different colors and sizes and can be draped to obtain appealing pictures. They are lighter than canvas and shows less wrinkles compared to canvas material. These muslin backdrops also come hand painted, reversible, solid color, washed, retro and crushed.

Seam less Paper

Seamless paper backdrops are a personal favorite. They come in rolls of sizes like 26”x 36’,53”x 36’ and 1 07 ”x 36’ and a wide range of colors as well. The greatest advantage of using the paper backdrops are the seamless capabilities and the zero wrinkles. The paper backdrops provide a very sophisticated look and are widely used by professional photographers who always  carry different colors of these roles to play with. The other way in which the paper backdrops differ from the cloth ones is that if and when they become dirty, they need to thrown out while the cloth backdrops can obviously be washed and reused if made dirty.

Chroma key Backdrops

Chromakey backdrops are widely used in both photography and videography. The most significant advantage of this backdrop is that it makes it easy to digitally manipulate the background, once the subject has been shot in the chromakey backdrop. They come in blue or green and also in collapsible discs that make it easy and portable. If you want a seamless effect in the chroma key, it is advisable to go with chromakey cloth backdrop with stands kit. They can be purchased separately or as a kit.

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