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Teach from Home - Green screen for Online Teaching

Posted by Ross Henry on

Stay Connected and Productive If Schools are Closed

Anyone can use green screen to create impressive videos right away by staying indoors.Using green screen, there are so many ways that you can create an ambience of a perfect classroom and take your lessons and teachings to the next level.

Nowadays green screens have become so popular in the field of education. Setting up a green screen is not a difficult task nor expensive. You will just need to invest some time and money to get you green screen set up just right.

Green screens are nothing but a backdrop that is usually made up of a single colour (mostly green and sometimes blue). It is made up of fabric such as muslin cloth or Polyester.

All the time green screens are used together with a technique called Chroma-keying. This technique involves isolating a single colour or brightness value in an electronic image and then making that single colour transparent in post- production, allowing a different background to be placed beneath the colour that is been blanked out.

Need to Use Green Screen In your Online Classroom

  • Gives professional look to your video
  • Possible to use variety of background images
  • Can change your home into a classroom studio
  • Engagement of students
  • Obvious messy home can be hidden
  • Travel or work almost from any location

As statement given, “A picture can talk more than words”, background images can enhance learning especially discussing topics like geography, landscapes, nature, foodand many more.

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