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Cool-Lux Power Kit with BC4112 Battery Pack
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Cool-Lux Power Kit with BC4112 Battery Pack

SKU : 941210

  • $231

Cool-Lux SmartPower Belts and Packs use high-quality, high-reliability Lead-Calcium Electrolyte (LCE) cells that cost much less than NiCd cells, and are much more forgiving. They’ll hold up to poor charging habits, deep-discharge operations, and can be stored with minimal maintenance. They’re leakproof, recover to a full charge, and they will never suffer from memory loss.

SmartPower Belts and Packs are virtually indestructible, and constructed with rugged, lightweight 1,000-denier nylon. Each is precisely cut and stitched with durable, condensed, heavy-duty thread to assure a smooth, tight surface with the cells firmly encased. Soft, high-density foam padding provides comfort while shooting.

This portable and easy to wear 12-volt, 12Ah battery belt has an LED power gauge to monitor voltage. BC3354 charger included.



  • Power12Ah
  • Adapters4-pin XLR (dual female)
  • ExtrasLED power gauge
  • Size39" - 52" waist adjustment
  • Weight9 lbs.
  • Run Time90 minute (rated @ 75 watts)


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