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JTL Product Shooting Table, 80" x 38"

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Product Photo Shooting Table Code: 5034
Taking pictures of merchandise or samples will be simple, and convenient with JTL Photo Table. Easy to assemble frame is made up of interlocking aluminum tubing, which is very lightweight. These features make the Photo Table ideal for taking tabletop shots indoors or outdoors. Tabletop has a maximum weight capacity of 20 lbs., and a loading area of 71" x 38" (when fully extended). The specially designed tabletop board is made of heavy duty PPC. The material is extremely flexible for optimum shrink ability during travel, and storage; also thin enough for shooting your light source through it, yet very sturdy. JTL Photo Table is perfect for photographers who shoot jewelry, arts, product samples, crafts, and general merchandises.
JTL offers 6 Photo Table Light Kits, created with tungsten lights, AC slaves orstudio flashes, to meet photographers’ needs. Light kits range from very economical set-ups for the photography student, to more professional kits packed with accessories for manipulating your light. Before choosing a kit, you may think of the lighting scene that you are trying to achieve. Weather your goal is a shimmering, beautifully lit diamond, or a duller, softer lit art piece; JTL has a table light kit for you. Please see the chart below for table light kit applications.

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