Morris AC Super Screw-In Slave Flash
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Morris AC Super Screw-In Slave Flash

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Hammering out the highest power of all the Morris AC Slaves, this unit offers a guide number of 72 with ISO 100. With the help of our Super Slave you can throw light further or operate at higher f-stops. Like all Morris ACs, a reliable slave senses the light of the main flash and instantly fires. With 70º of coverage, the Super Slave can be used as a main light, a supplementary fill light or even as a background light. It recycles in 5 seconds.

• 30 Watt Seconds of power
• GN 72 (ISO 100, ft.) 70º of Flash Coverage
• Open Flash Button
• Green Power on lamp, Red ready lamp
• Includes: 1 Year Warranty

AC Super Slave
Part #: 690410

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