Morris Midi Slave Flash (Black)
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Morris Midi Slave Flash (Black)

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Shoot with greater range, smaller f-stops and increased depth of field. Morris Slaves are triggered by any flash and deliver extra light for contrast control and backlighting for interior photography. Their small size also makes them the ideal companion for compact point-and-shoot cameras, adding no extra bulk to your camera bag. Hide Morris Slaves anywhere in the picture, they offer endless possibilities for the imaginative photographer.

• Compact & Powerful
• Triggered by your camera or another flash
• 1/4-20" Socket (Tripod Mount)
• Includes: Wrist Strap and 1 Year Warranty
• Includes: LED Flash Indicator
• Dimensions: 1.2 x 2.4 x 2.5"
• Can be used with the Morris Suction Cup
• Usage: Groups, Accent & Backgrounds

• Power Source: 2 AA Batteries, not included
• Guide Number: 55 (ISO 100, in feet)
• Subject Distance: 1.5 feet to 16.5 feet
• Coverage: 65x50º, 80x65º (w/adapter)
• Recycle Time: 5 Secs

Midi Slave Black
Part #: 690415

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