Speedotron MW3U 5.5" CC Light Unit
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Speedotron MW3U 5.5" CC Light Unit

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The MW3U is made as an umbrella light source for the photographer who wants a small, portable light unit.

Features a 5.5" fixed reflector and built-in umbrella holder.
Makes an excellent, affordable fill light. It is easily powerful
enough to be used as a main light for many assignments,
especially on location!

Utilizes a bright 150 watt halogen modeling lamp.

Maximum Power:  400 Watt-seconds

Flash Duration (watt-seconds per light unit)
400 Ws    :  1/830 seconds
200 Ws    :  1/1300 seconds

•  Fixed, built-in 5.5" - 105º reflector
•  Built-in umbrella holder
•  5/8" stand mount
•  20 foot connecting cable

Weight: 2.5 pounds

(1) 24556 - MW3C 400Ws color corrected quartz flash tube
(1) 14510 - 150W quartz halogen modeling lamp

It is most important that the Light Unit not be powered beyond it's maximum capacity.
Snoots and diffusers should not be used with this Light Unit.
Should be used with the higher output power supplies.

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