Textured Wooden Floor Wallpaper

Textured Wooden Floor Wallpaper

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Your living and work spaces are the physical embodiment of all your hopes, dreams and emotions. You spend time in these spaces creating, working and living life to the fullest! It is no surprise then, that you wish them to be the most comfortable and beautiful looking places. We can help you decorate your new space or refurbish it with our range of custom wallpaper.

Here’s what you can expect from each custom-made wallpaper:  


  • Printed On Self-Adhesive, Woven Vinyl Fabric
  • Guaranteed Easy & Clean Removal
  • Vibrant, Water-Based, and Non-Toxic Inks
  • Every Purchase Pays an Artist
  • Ships in Roll
  • Comes in Three Width Options - 66cm(2ft), 91cm(3ft), 122cm(4ft)
  • For Customized Sizes e-mail to sales@backdropsource.com

Ensure a clean and smooth surface

Clean your wall with a damp cloth. The surface needs to be clean, smooth and dry before applying the wallpaper.


Peel and stick!  

Peel your wallpaper, align it to the surface and smooth it as you go with the provided squeegee. Repeat for every panel until the entire surface is covered.


Trim,smooth and enjoy!

Trim the excess wallpaper with the supplied craft knife to ensure a straight edge.



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