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How to print custom backdrops for marriage anniversary

Posted by Ross Henry on

The deep secret to a successful marriage is marrying the right person in the first place! Each and every couple wants their marriage to be successful. A marriage is meaningless without Love and Romance. It could sound loud, scary, and dangerous, but to get through the storm we have to keep on driving. Wedding will just last a day, but the memories will last forever.

As we grow older memory does not always work perfectly, It may take longer to retrieve those files of memory. The wedding album is the only product that cherishes the beautiful memories of marriage. We might not look at it every day but when we do, it tells us so much more than the words can.

Last week our Pastor Charles spoke about improving the relationships with spouse. To enhance his teaching he had a printed photography backdrop as a background with the word of God. “Therefore what God has joined together let no one separate –Mark 10: 9”. He was constantly urging us to believe that the couples have been joined together by God and not let anyone or anything separate the love for each other. He cited a study where few couples were observed in a dinner. Most of the young couples spent majority of an hour together, while the couples married for decades spoke for few minutes to each other in an hour.

After 20 years of marriage, I am not having much fun since we are savings aggressively for our own house. Deep inside, I feel that even he longs for those golden days. I wish to excite him by doing something which explains that I have not forgotten the fun I had with him. When we started meeting, I knew of his photography hobby. My honeymoon converted into a photography trip as my husband gave me a full display of his hobby skills with the tripods and reflectors.

For me wedding anniversary signifies a milestone, where spouse is a fellow traveler to a destination.I believe in celebrating anniversary to its best and reinforce your unconditional love and bond. I wish to wear my wedding dress on my marriage anniversary and to fulfill the dream, we hosted a party in our house with friends and relatives. The best part was to set a photo booth with a custom printed backdrop on the theme Christ the king church. This background set the backdrop for shooting of photographs on that day. I stood in front of everyone and shared the sweet memories of the marriage day. We promised our love for each other until our last day. The backdrop was large to cover the full background with a real lively finish. My heart was filled with joy renewing the marriage vows in the same wedding dress in which I walked down the aisle.

My anniversary gift to him was a romantic photo session of us with the printed background of our memories. It could be more exciting for my husband to see a printed photo backdrop with the wordings of “You are the best gift I ever got”. I was very delighted with the printing of artwork as backdrops from

I was so impressed with the quality and designing of the printed backdrops that I will use it again on my son’s birthday.

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