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Abstract Photography

Posted by Ross Henry on

The most misused (one might even call it abused) and misconstrued type of photography is Abstract Photography.

You can always almost see an album called abstract in the amateur’s photo collection. Abstract in art or photography should be very personal and at the same time deliver the information that you are trying to portray.

Unlike other types of photography abstract does not have a set of rules to follow. It’s how the photographer perceives the subject to be.  Although there are no rules to abstract photography, here are some tips that will help you get great abstract images

 Train your eyes to look for geometry, Lines, circles, triangles. Also look for patterns and break of patterns.

  1. Look for compatibility and contrasts in colors. This will make for some great abstracts
  2. Water drops, reflections and sense of motion will add flavor to y our abstract images.
  3. Concentrate on a smaller portion of the bigger complete picture. These make wonderful abstractorscom
  4. Try desiderating the image, make it black and white and then add color to part of the image to bring out the key aspects of the image.
  5. These handy tips will help your abstract images stand out from the crowd of abstract photos that one encounters online.

Sarah Grace

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